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We help rolling stock businesses on connectivity, observability, compliance, security, analytics, reporting and machine learning without adding too much complexity and technical debt to their delivery

Why us?

Infrastructure & Data

The way we see it is there are two very important assets in any modern organisation. First, infrastructure which is usually in the cloud or in an on-premises data centre. Second, data.In rolling stock business today these two assets are not less important and should be taken care of very well. Lots to learn and tons to comply with as it's an industry that takes the safety first and security of all assets is an important part, too.And we understand! We've been there. We know what ISO 27001 is about and why it's necessary. Despite all regulations and restrictions you can still deliver. It's challenging but we know how to. Yes, it is painful sometimes but we know how to reduce the unnecessary suffering for both people and organisations.

Rolling Stock

Train is a magnificent beast. When we look at it, we see a data centre on iron wheels. Focusing on high value domains like digital twin, data quality, fault finding, facilities management, predictive & preemptive maintenance etc helps us to deliver tremendously useful outcome for our customers.Hence, rewards to follow like reducing the costs whilst keeping the safety within industry standards


Connected vehicles and heavy (expensive hence difficult to replace) industrial machinery are quite a hype recently. Everybody wants to learn more and eventually contribute. However, it's difficult to reach the correct information and most crucial parts of the technology has not been made open source, yet.We publish quarterly reports where we share some ideas on how to fight these inefficiencies. Also we have implemented solutions that worked very well within the connectivity realm.

Industrial IoT

Many industrial IoT vendors out there. Each one is specialised solving problems on a specific niche. It's like distributed silos in the entire Rolling Stock & Railway industry. Lack of experience working with the ultimate value generators, aka Data Scientists, and crucial other stakeholders such as Security & Compliance causes millions of pounds wasted every quarter.Failing and iterating many times helped us to shape our perspective and focus on a few key areas that matters. Vendors that have worked with us had a clear picture about what needs to be done to stay in budget and keep customers happy.


Data Analytics is only relevant when an organisation has solved most of the infrastructure security, digital product delivery and data governance issues. It's all about maturity. We believe in timing. A solution is only valuable when the level of maturity is right.Therefore, sometimes we do not recommend or implement the cutting edge even though we prefer most of the time. Just a little bit above the current state to keep the challenge in place and motivate other parts of the organisation to keep up. This is our way.

Machine Learning

When the organisation and their people are ready for more complex yet valuable stuff it's time! We do encourage and guide customers to start utilising the cutting edge machine learning technologies out there in the market (mostly open source). Because it is a challenging journey, the earlier is the better only if pre-requisites are in place.

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Founding Partner - CEO

Luke T.

Hi! I’m Luke and I have delivered solutions as an architect, developer, and consultant for the better part of eighteen years. I’ve solved complex problems in three continents across multiple industries and domains. I worked with Crown Agents, Techno Brains, Bank of America, Siemens, Verizon Media, and many more large brands.

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